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Map Easily

Simple parameter mapping via Live's API or MIDI CC; click any mapping source, then the parameter you want to map to

Record Performances

Record the data streams from a gestural performance in multiple dimensions to Live’s automation lanes for later use and repurposing


Map multiple parameters to a single control source using one of Ribbon’s four Auxilliary Mapping Modules

Footswitch Functions

Use the Gametrak's footswitch in one of 3 modes to map values to paramters or trigger events directly from the Gametrak

Xbox/PS2 Compatible

Ribbon is compatible with both XBox and modified Playstation (rev 2.) versions of the Gametrak controller, as well as the PC version

Data Manipulation

Scale and shape value stream from your Gametrak controller using Ribbon's extensive data scaling and shaping capabilities


What is Ribbon?

  • Ribbon is a M4L device that allows gestural control of parameters in Ableton Live (via the Live API) using the Mad Catz Gametrak controller

How can do I install Ribbon?

  • Put the Ribbon.amxd file the Max "MIDI Devices" folder in your Ableton User Library, it should then appear in the Max For Live Devices tab in the Live Browser under "Max MIDI Effects". You may need to refresh the browser/ restart Live if Ribbon is not appearing in the Browser.
  • Windows: \Users\[username]\Documents\Ableton\User Library
  • Mac: Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Music/Ableton/User Library

How do I use Ribbon?


  • Insert Ribbon on any MIDI track in Live. Click one of the mapping buttons (e.g "Map X-Axis") then click a parameter in Live e.g. "Pan"
  • If the mapping was succesful, the Map module will reflect the mapped parameter name. Only paramters defined in the Live API are mappable - mapping will fail if you try to bind to undefined paramter.
  • Once a paramter has been mapped, it can be controlled by movig the Gametrak's strings. To remove a mapping click the 'X' beside mapping button.
  • Note: Ribbon can also control paramters using MIDI CC. To do this - click the "Destination select toggle" then select the MIDI CC you wish to map to.


Recording Modes

  • Ribbon has two modes allow parameter data to be recorded as automation data Live's arranger and then played back.
  • Record mode (Default); The data from the controller is sent (via live.numbox) to Live's arranger (so it can be recorded), before being routed to the mapping module.
  • Playback mode; The automation data Live is fed back to the mapping modules while the stream of data coming from controller is blocked

Recording A Performance

  • Put Ribbon in Record Mode
  • Ensure that write automation is enabled in live
  • Press the record button in Live. Live will begin writing automation data for all axes and the foot switch. It is then possible to remap the automation data after recording
  • To end recording, disarm Ribbon first then stop Live's transport. If you don't do this, Live will register the parameter changes coming from the record “input” and will disable automation playback. If this happens, click the "Re-enable automation button" in Live's header

Playing Back A Performance

  • To playback a performance simple ensure Ribbon is in "Playback" mode. And press play in Live. The automation data will then feed the mapping modules and the mapped paramters will react in sympathy

What are the known issues?

Zipper Noise

  • Certain parameter mappings in Live (e.g Reverb returns) cause audible “Zipper Noise”.

HW Compatibility

  • Ribbon is will only work with Gametrak units compatible with PC, PS2 & Xbox. See here for more details.
  • To see if your device is compatible, connect the Gametrak to your computer then open this Compatibility Tester maxpatch